Session 2021-22

Cultural Report:-

Zonal Youth Festival   (14 -16 Dec 2021)

Fine Arts -    

-         Painting + Poster  - 1st 

-         Collage – 2nd

-         Clay modelling + Cartooning – 3rd

  - Theatre - Mime – 3rd       

Inter Zonal Youth Festival   (25 -27 March 2022)

Fine Arts -    

-         Painting + Poster  - 1st

-         Cartooning + Collage – 2nd

-         Clay modelling  – 3rd

-    Theatre - Mime – 2nd

 -         National Level Online Collage making competition 1st prize in college organized by Deptt. Of Tourism management held on 20th April 2022.

-         State level online pamphlet making competition organized on earth day 2nd prize (22 April 2022)


Science Exhibition:-

Inter district Science Exhibition:- Held at Palwal in Nov 2022    

1st Prize – Psychology Model

2nd Prize – Computer Science Model


State Level Science Exhibition: - Held at NRS Govt. College, Rohtak on 7-8 Feb 2022

1st Position – Psychology Model


Legal Literacy Cell:-

 -         Organized an Extension lecture there online mode via Google platform on “Legal Right of Women “on 17 July 2021. Mr. Rajkumar Sharma, Advocate at District & High Court apprised the students with knowledge. He also donated 100 books on fundaments rights to be distributed among students.


-         In Essay writing competition on “Challenges in the life of women” was held on 17 July 2021.


-          Indian Constitution day was celebrated on 26 Nov 2021 in which competitions i.e. Poster Making & Slogan Writing were organized. Oath was also sheared by students. Prize distribution for the same was held on 29 Nov 2021.


-         Organized an essay writing competition an “Importance of Right to vote” to mark the celebration of National voters Day on 25 Jan 2022.


-         Organized lecture on “women safety” on 21st May 2022 in collaboration with Durga Shakti ASI Ms. Babita . The speaker made students aware of their rights and addressed the students to be vocal about their problems . She also insisted that any harassment be reported in police station or by daling No. 112. Also the ASI, Chawla Colony Police station ensured that they are always there to help them. A rally was conducted with help of District legal awareness to educate masses about the legal assistance by district administration.  

Session 2019-20

Inter Zonal Youth Festival

Our students also participated in prestigious Inter-Zonal Youth Festival held at M.D University, Rohtak on 13-15 November 2019 and brought glory to the college by getting 3 positions in Fine Arts Events-2nd in Poster and Best out of waste, 3rd in Cartooning.

Youth Festival

The college team participated in various Literary, Fine arts and theatre events (Poetry- Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi, Haryanvi, seven Fine arts events and Haryanvi Skit) in Zonal Youth Festival held from 9th to 11th November 2019 at SDIMTM, Tigaon. The students marked their presence in the festival with outstanding performances and won seven prizes- 3rd prize in a theatre event- Haryanvi Skit and six prizes in Fine Arts Events (1st in Cartooning, 2nd in Poster and Best out of waste, 3rd in Collage, Painting and Rangoli). 

Online Cultural Activities during Lockdown

Our students from all streams made a mark with their exuberant participationin more than 60 online competitions (National, State and Intercollege level) organized by various colleges of Haryana in wide-ranging events like trash art, photography, article writing, essay writing, poetry recitation, video making, gardening skills, cooking, painting, poster, cartooning, collage, etc. and secured top positions in more than 50 events.

Legal Literacy Cell

During the academic session 2019-2020, Legal Literacy cell was convened by Dr. Dharamvir Vashisth with active involvement of Mrs. Ramanpreet, Dr. Sapna Sachdeva Nair, Sh. Sourabh Tripathi, and Ms. Shivani various activities were organized to educate and prepare well informed citizens through the participation in festival of democracy and in legal literacy cell.

  In 2019 October in our state, State assembly elections were planned therefore to assure full participation in it college organized a number of activities.

 A wall of college was well painted and dedicated as “Wall of Democracy” where students could write slogan, undertake signatures campaign, and enthusiastically participate in this process with creativity.

Bulk message services was used in college to not only connect to the students but also with their parents so that they also participate and use their voting right carefully.

 Before election one week interacting activities were organized like: Essay competition, Declamation, Rangoliand poster making.

 Survey of each class was carried out to assess the number of students eligible to cast vote having voter ID card or not. All such students not having ID card were provided Form 6 so that their voter ID card could be prepared in time.

  On 25th January 2020 we had celebrated National voter’s day with theme “Electoral Literacy for Stronger Democracy” in our college. We talk about how are national builders were fought for this right to vote and how this is important for our national interest.College team comprising of 11 students participated in District level Legal Literacy competition in various events like essay competition, declamation, debate, slogan and on the spot painting and poetic recitation.  The event was organized by G.C Faridabad on 29th February 2020. The students got 1st position in essay writing competition and 3rd in on the spot painting competitions.


The following activities were held during the year under the supervision of Ms. Shivani Yadav and Dr. Dharamvir Vashisth.


1.  “Launching Fit India Movement of India” on 29th August, 2019 at 10:00 A.M. The program was live telecasted in the College Smart Class Rooms and was attended by college staff, students. At the end of program, Pledge was taken by all faculty members and students.


2.         “Commemoration 150th Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi”. The college has organized awareness generation program within 2 km of area to raise the importance of cleanliness. All the staff members and students have participated in the cleanliness program and clean the college and its surroundings.

 3.         “Celebrating Sardar Patel Birth Anniversary” The College organized Essay writing, Rangoli, Painting competition and Lectures and Discussion on ‘Role of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel in the Unity of our Nation’.

 4.         “Prabhat Pheri” The College organized Prabhat Pheri on 6/11/2019 to sensitize public and farmers about ill effects of crop residue and other sources which causes air pollution.


5.         “Celebration of National Voter’s Day” The College has celebrated 25/01/2020 as National Voter’s Day. NSS volunteers and students took Voter’s Pledge.

6.         State Convergence Committee meeting “National Deworming Day (NDD)” on 10/02/2020. Lecture was given to the college students to make them aware about the benefits of medicine named as Albendazole


7.         “ShramDaan- Social Responsibilities”. SharamDaan has been initiated in the college from 19th February 2020 for a duration of 10 days. All NSS Volunteers were motivated to clean lawn and parks by removing wild growth and shrubs.

8.         Conducting of iGOT (integrated Govt. Online Training) courses on DIKSHA on Covid19 pandemic”. NSS volunteers intimated to register on board on iGOT health module. All volunteers registered themselves for online course training on 12/04/2020


9.         NSS volunteers were encouraged to make protective masks on their own and around 100-150 masks were made on 22/04/2020.The students were observed learning and at the same time sensitizing people towards prevention of COVID 19 during lockdown.

10.       “Anti-Terrorism Day” NSS volunteers intimated to observe 21st May 2020 as “Anti-Terrorism Day”. NSS volunteers also made posters to create awareness for the same.

Women Cell

Women Cell under the convener ship of Mrs. Shivani Yadav organized the following activities during the year:


1.         A Free talk on “Women Hygiene & Sanitation” was conducted in the college campus on 29th August 2019 by NGO- Jan Hit Yuwa Samite.

 2.         A Seminar was organized in the college campus on 19th September 2019 by Virohan Pvt. Ltd. For spreading “Awareness of Various Opportunities after Graduation”.

3.         A Lecture on “Oral Hygiene” was organized in the college on 5th October 2019 by doctors of AIMS Hospital for spreading “Awareness about various dental problems and Oral Hygiene”.

4.         Ten Days Workshop on Fine Arts was organised in the college from 10/10/2019 to 22/10/2019. The workshop involves various activities such as “Painting; Rangoli; Cartooning; Poster Making”.

 5.         Mehendi Competition held on 16th October 2019.

 6.         A Lecture on “Waste Management” was organised in the college on 4th November 2019 to make the students aware about how they can manage waste material by various recycle methods.

 7.         Two Days Workshop on “Nutrition and Health” has been organised for Home Science Students on 21-22nd January 2020.

8.         One Day Workshop on “Fabric Painting and Art of Sketching” was organised in the college on 5th February 2020.


9.         Four Days Workshop on “Self Defense Training” was organised in the college premises from 18-24th February 2020.


10.       Extension Lecture on “Basic Knowledge of Theatre” was organised in the college on 11-12th February 2020 to impart the basic knowledge about role of theatre among the students.