( April 2021 to June 2021)


Name:            Dr. Sapna Nagpal

Department:  Computer science

Subject:          Paper – 4.1: Object Oriented Programming using C++ - II

Class : B.Sc IV (IT) Fourth Semester


1st Week

2nd Week

3rd Week

4th Week

5th Week



Defining operator overloading,

overloading Unary operators, overloading Binary operators, overloading binary

operators using friends, manipulation of strings using operators, type conversions.

Internet : Evolution of Internet, Future of Internet,

Services provided on the Internet, Internet Access Methods. World Wide Web:

Evolution of WWW, Future of WWW, Fundamentals of WWW

Extending classes Concept of inheritance, basic class,

derived class, defining, derived classes, visibility modes, private, public, protected;

single inheritance: privately derived, publicly derived,

Test/Assignment - 1

making a protected member

inheritable, access control to private and protected members by members function of a

derived class, multilevel inheritance, nesting of classes, pointers, pointers to objects,

this pointer, pointers to derived classes.




Markup Language: Introduction, Building Blocks of HTML, Lists, Links,

Images in HTML.

Virtual functions: virtual functions, pure virtual functions.

Managing Console I/O Operations: C++ streams classes, formatted and unformatted

input/output operations, managing output using manipulators.

Advanced HTML: Tables, Frames, Layers, Forms, Editors Cascading Style

Sheets: Introduction, CSS positioning

Working with files- opening, closing and updating the file, error handling during file

operations.Test/Assignment - 2



Front Page: Installing Front Page Editor,

Create a sample website, frames in Front Page, Forms, Database Pages.

Installing Netscape Communicator, Browsing internet using Netscape, Netscape


Templates & Exception handling: class templates, function template, overloading of

template functions, member function templates, exception handling: throwing and

catching mechanism, rethrowing and specifying exception.

Fundamentals of Java Programming: History, features, hardware and

software requirements, environment, program structure, java tokens, java virtual

machine, constraints, variables, data types, operators and expressions, decision

making and branching, looping, concept of classes and methods, interfaces,


Applet programming: Local and remote applets and applications, applet life

cycle, passing parameters, java beans, JDBC, CORBA

Revision and Doubts



( April 2021 to June 2021)


Name:            Dr. Sapna Nagpal

Department:  Computer science

Subject:          Paper: A 6.05 Computer Aided Drafting & Advanced Topics in Computer-II

Class : B.Com III (Vocational) Sixth Semester (Computer Application)


1st Week

2nd Week

3rd Week

4th Week

5th Week



Computer Aided Design: Implementations of CAD, Features of CAD, Future of CAD, Artificial Inelegancy


(AI) for intelligent and manufacturing, Element of AI, Knowledge based Expert System


System, Neural Networks.


Test/Assignment - 1

Hardware & Software requirements of Auto CAD, Data Communication and networks; Data Encryption,


Industrial Report; Definition and Robot history, Features of Robots, Application of Robots in Industry,


Programming Methods and Robot Programming Language.

Multimedia: Definitions, Multimedia Components; Compact disk, Sounds, Image, Text, Hypertext, hypermedia,


Morphing, Video, Virtual Reality, Virtual Reality Technology and Tools

Test/Assignment - 2




manufacturing Systems. Computer Graphic: Applications of Computer Graphics,

Display devices Basic Terms; Raster-Scan Display,


Randam Scan, Display, Direct View Storage Tube, Flat panel Display, Input Devices, hardcopy devices

Revision and Doubts




( April 2021 to June 2021)


Name:            Dr. Sapna Nagpal

Department:  Computer science

Subject:          Paper:  A 6.06 Information Technology in Business

Class : B.Com III (Vocational) Sixth Semester (Computer Application)


1st Week

2nd Week

3rd Week

4th Week

5th Week



Information Technology Basis: Introduction, Information, Information Technology (IT), Present Scenario, Role of

Information Technology, introduction to Telecommunications

Computer Networks, Communication Systems, Internet

and W.W.W. , E –Mail, Introduction to Intranets & Extranets.

Emerging trends in IT: Introduction, Electronic Commerce (E-Commerce), (EDI) Electronic Data Interchange,

Mobile Communication, Bluetooth, Global positioning system, Imminent communication, Smart Card, Imminent


Test/Assignment - 1

Types of Modern Data base Mgt. System,; Distributed data processing:- Introduction, Advantages and disadvantages

of Distributed Systems


Introductions to Multimedia: introduction, Multimedia Systems, Multimedia Authoring Tools,

Types of Presentations, Multimedia in Marketing and educations, Introduction to virtual Reality;

New Technologies in Introduction Technology: Introduction to Hypermedia, Artificial Intelligence and Business

Intelligence, Knowledge Discovery in Data base ( KDD), Data wise houses and Data Marts, Data Mining and on line

Analytical Processing (OLAP), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP);

Introduction, reason for growth of ERP in Market

Benefits of ERP, Supply Chain Management (SCM): evaluation of CRM, Element of Supply Chain, Customer

Relationship Management (CRM) & Retailers, Advantage of SCM, Geographic Information System (GIS).

Morphing, Video, Virtual Reality, Virtual Reality Technology and Tools

Test/Assignment - 2



Computer in Business and Industry : Accounting Inf. System (AIS): Meaning, Characteristics, its Major Sub System,


Management Information System: Meaning. Concept, Input & Output of MIS, Decision support System, Office

Automation Systems, Executive Inf. System, Marketing Inf. System and Financial Information System

Mobile Computing and Business on the Internet: Mobile computing, Mobile Newspaper, Tele Communicating,

Wireless Mobile Computing,

Business on the Internet:- Electronic Catalogs, Web advertising, Secure transactions the

Internet: - Electronic Catalogs , Web Advertising, Secure Transactions.

Revision and Doubts




( April 2021 to June 2021)


Name:            Ms Bhawna kaushik

Department:  Computer science

Subject:          computer fundamentals 2


1st Week

2nd Week

3rd Week

4th Week

5th Week



Fundamental to Computers: Model of a digital Computer; Functioning of a digital Computer;


system Software Types- Operating Systems, Translators, System

difference between Digital and Analog Computer Arithmetic and

number systems,ASCII & EBCDIC character sets.


Software concepts: Types of Software and their role, Relationship between Hardware and Software,



system Software Types- Operating Systems, Translators, System

Translators, System Utilities – File Manger, Loader, Linker, Editor

Concept of Application Packages: Word-

Processing, Spread-sheet Software, Database Software, Graphics Software and Entertainment software

Introduction to Windows: Evolution of Windows; Types of windows, Windows as an Operating System, Use of

GUI in Window Explorer, Control Panel, Paintbrush Tools;



Data Communication: Introduction of Data

Communication; Modes of Data Transmission; Forms of Data Transmission,

Data Transmission Speed,

Communication Channels: Wire-cables, Fibre Optics, Microwave, Communication Satellites.

Computer Networks: Need for Networking; Types of Computer Networks; Difference

between LAN and WAN; Hardware of WAN

Internet and its Application: History of Internet, Application of

Internet, ISDN Internet in India, Internet Basic Services;

MS-Excel:Worksheet Overview: Rows, Columns,

Cell, Menus Creating Worksheet Opening and Saving Worksheets, Formatting, Printing, Tables and graph















Name:            Ms Bhawna kaushik

Department:  Computer science

Subject:         Operation System and                 Business Data Processing – II


1st Week

2nd Week

3rd Week

4th Week

5th Week



Data Processing System: Data, Information and Data Processing; Need of Information;

Data Storage Hierarchy;

File Mgt. System- File Types; File Utilities:

file sorting Utility, Searching, Merging, Copying, Printing and

Maintenance Utility.


Database Management System: Objectives of a Database System or Advantages of Database System;



Components of a Database System; Disadvantages of Database System; Database Administrator (DBA);


and its Functions; Main Components of DBMS-DDL, Query Language and Report Generator;

Architecture of

DBMS; Data Independence, various keys in DBMS- Primary key, Foreign key, candidate key, alternate key,

super key

Database Models: Hierarchical Model Network Model and Relational Model;.



Creating and Using a Database-

Define its Structure, Designing Forms, Entering data; Viewing, Modifying, Deleting and Adding Records

Spreadsheet and its Business applications; features of Spread-Sheet;

Creating a Workbook;

Saving a Work-sheet, Creating a table and converting in graph, Built-in-functions; Business Application using

MS-Access: Concept of Field, Records and files,

Creation of Database, Reports; Sorting and Searching records,

Designing queries and reports.Basic of data arrangement and access.

Traditional file environment, identification

of relevant data, evaluation of database technology. Databases: the Modern approach















1st week

2nd week

3rd week

4th week

5th week




Data Communication : Data and information concept, data transmission, mode

and forms of data transmission

Control structure & functions: Control constructs: do-while, switch

statements, break and continue, exit () function,

communication channels, wire cables,

Microwaves, fibres optics, communication satellites and wireless


goto and label; Functions:

Parameter passing-call by value and call by reference,

Computers Networks

Key issues for computer network, Single-user, multi-user, and client-server


calling functions with

Arrays, argu and argv; Recursion.

distributed and Parallel systems; Hardware & Software components of

computer networks,

Pointers: Dynamic Data structures in C: Pointers, the & and * operators,

Pointer expression,


Network topologies for LAN, & WAN , Various services

and their use.

pointer assignment Pointer arithmetic, Pointer comparison.

The dynamic allocation functions – malloc and calloc, Pointer, Vs Arrays,

Arrays of pointer, Pointer to Pointers,

MS-word and Viruses

Understanding the features and applications of MS-WORD, Define word

processor, types of word processor, creating document in MS word,

Initializing Pointers, Pointers to

functions, function returning Pointer, Functions with variable number of



features of MS-word, word standard toolbar, text formatting, header and footer,

auto text, document security features, table handling features,

Structures: Basics of Structures, Declaring a structure, Referencing structure

elements, Array of structures, Passing structures to functions,

insertion of files

and pictures, mail merge and macros.


structure to functions, Structure Pointers, Declaring a structure pointer. Arrays

and structures within structures Unions: Declaration, Uses, Enumerated Data

types, typedef,




Virus and their types, virus detection,

prevention and anti-virus package

linked list: insertion, deletion and search;

File Handling: The file Pointers, file accessing functions (fopen, fclose, putc,

getc, fprint).


MS-Excel- Introduction to MS Excel,

C preprocessor: define, # include, #undef, #conditional compilation directives

(#if, #else, #elif, #endif, #def and #fndef); C Standard Library and Header files,

working with toolbar– File creation,

Editing, Inserting, Formatting,

Header files (stdlib.h), type.h, string.h, math.h, stlib.h, time.h) etc., Standard

library functions, string functions, Mathematical functions, Date and time


formulas, data management, graphs & charts,

Variable argument list function, Utility functions,

macros, Printing and other additional functions.

Character class test



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